Graduation and how it was like to study in Thailand :)

Good evening from Thailand everyone. I’ve recently done a graduation photoshoot and thought maybe I should share some of the pictures with you guys. First of all, let me talk a little bit about how it was like for me in schools hehe.

For those of you who maybe reading my post for the first time, My name is Kawa Chamsaeng or Kaycee. I have just graduated from a university in Thailand holding a degree in English. I chose English as major because I did not know what else I like to spend 4 years learning about other than English. By studying English does not mean I studied only basic English like how to say words, grammar or abc lol. I studied English’s syntax, phonetics, linguistics (which can be broke down to many subjects like Sociolinguistics, world languages, discourse in communication, semantics etc), literature (old english poems,dramas, plays, ballads etc) It was so much fun for me. My English may not be perfect although I spent 4 years studying English. It’s because English isn’t my mother tongue. I have been trying so hard to improve my English 😀 and writing a blog helps a lot. Okay so in Thailand we normally don’t have colleges. We finish highschool and we go right to university. Graduations are kind of big deal here (not many people don’t go to university in my generation as Thai people are still pretty conservative and judgmental in term of education, to be honest. I did not want to go to university but I did not want people to judge me you know and I don’t want to disappoint my parents… it’s not easy living in a society where everyone sets such a high expectation toward you and it’s not easy to just ignore everyone and follow your heart. Anyway, I managed to graduate lol.

here are my pictures. They were all taken by my 12 year old sister.



Hope you like it 😀




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