How I used to style my minimal clothes.

This post is to give an idea of how to style minimal clothes. Most pictures were taken around 1-2 years ago. My clothes were mostly in neutral colors and earth toned. I’ll also write another post on how I currently style my clothes. Since I do not have a decent camera right now, you guys will have to wait for a week or so 😀 please stay tuned. Most of the clothes I’m wearing in the pictures are not in my capsule wardrobe anymore but I want to write this post anyway.


Please let me know if this is helpful and what do you think about it.




White shirt and white shorts.


light green Karen dress with sandals from forever 21


Plain white tee and black jeggings.


Black sleeveless top, jeans from H&M, black handbag.


Levi’s jeans, Birkenstock, and a black cardigan.


Long sleeve top and beige shorts.


Light pink tee, white shorts and blue birkenstocks.


White top with a black cardigan on top for cooler days.



This is about it 😀 hope you guys like this post and please stay tuned for the next post on how I currently style my clothes.

Kaycee ❤


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