Capsule Wardrobe

Hello again 😀

As I mentioned in the last post, I am currently interested in minimalism. It’s inspired by Japanese Zen. Here is the definition just in case you do not know what is it –> “It is marked by clarity, purpose, and intentionality. At its core, minimalism is the intentional promotion of the things we most value and the removal of everything that distracts us from it. It is a life that forces intentionality. And as a result, it forces improvements in almost all aspects of your life.” (read more on What is minimalism)

and here is what Minimalism is supposed to help us.

  • Eliminate our discontent
  • Reclaim our time
  • Live in the moment
  • Pursue our passions
  • Discover our missions
  • Experience real freedom
  • Create more, consume less
  • Focus on our health
  • Grow as individuals
  • Contribute beyond ourselves
  • Rid ourselves of excess stuff
  • Discover purpose in our lives  (thank you for the info)

But for me as I have just started, I only focus on my clothes and some of the belongings for now. A capsule wardrobe is also part of minimalism (in my understanding) which only stores clothes, bags and shoes, etc that you really need and most wear. It is better when I have less stuff in my closet because it allows me to organize my closet better, it looks a lot better and well-organized. In additions, doing this helps me discover my style and get rid of the stuff I do not need anymore (I donated most of my clothes to the charity) and it also helps me make the most out of my closet. Minimal style is now my interest. I think minimal outfit seem to be in neutral color, simple yet classy and classic. For example, a black, white or grey t-shirts.

I do not think I will go extreme on this. I will just try to live more simple, give more, dress more simple, recycle clothes, shop less. It sounds like it’s impossible right? I know. I was a shopaholic. I shopped A LOT. I owned/ own more than 300 pieces of clothes, 50 pairs of shoes and many bags. I just liked to buy everything and I do not really wear them all that often. Some pieces I only wore them once. I have come to realize that I wasted so much money on clothing and it’s time to shop less and be happy for what I already have. I’ll try this for a month and I will give you guys a feedback.

Here are the tips I have learned about building a capsule wardrobe.

  1. Say goodbye to fast fashion – yup, what comes fast, goes fast. You will never be satisfied of what you’ve already owned. You will continue to buy more and more of trendy stuff.
  2. Know when and what to buy – list out what you have and what you need that you do not have. Think before you purchase anytime.
  3. Remove out clothes and other stuff in your closet that you do not need anymore.
  4. Try to mix and match what you have and repair them instead of buying new pieces. – Make the most out of your closet and if there is a piece that you like but it may not fit you anymore, get it tailored/fixed.
  5. Pick out 20 of the most worn pieces from your closet and stock the rest neatly somewhere nice where you can always go back to use them if you change your mind.
  6. Stick to the earth toned, neutral colored outfit since it tends to be timeless.
  7. Store only clean clothes otherwise your closet would smell bad and you won’t want to wear other pieces.
  8.  If you ever have to buy new clothes/ bags/ shoes, consider buying pieces that are multi-functional and can be mixed and matched with other pieces you have.
  9. Try shopping at thrift stores – this way, you spend less money for higher quality clothes and also it’s a way to recycle clothes and also eco-friendly. it’s important to clean the clothes you buy from thrift stores really well before wearing. 
  10. Make sure your closet is well-organized and color- coordinated.


Here are the pictures of my capsule closet. I went from having hundreds pieces of clothes to only 23 pieces, 6 pairs of shoes, two bags, 1 hat, 1 cap and a pair of sun-glasses.


I styled a black clutch with ripped jeans this morning.


This is how my entire capsule wardrobe looks like.


It is well-organized and color-coordinated. I picked 1 pair of ripped jeans from American eagle, 1 pair of jeggings from Levi’s, Black pants, a navyish black blazer, 2 sleeveless tops, 1 black t-shirt, 1 black jumpsuit from H&M, 1 dress, 1 knitted striped top from H&M, 1 green blouse from Pena House, a pair of beige shorts, 2 grey blouses, 2 shirts from H&M and cotton work and 1 turtle neck top in black.


a black hat, a handbag which is more formal and a clutch which more casual with a strap but can be more formal without a strap.


A pair of sunnies from Rayban


6 pairs of shoes – sandals from Havaianas, sneakers from Adidas, a pair from Birkenstock, hiking/ trekking shoes from Adidas, pointed high heels from Roberto and a pair of ballet shoes. (Eww! they look ugly and dirty I know lol don’t laugh!)

❤ ❤ ❤

Hope this is helpful.

Please let me know if you are also interested in minimal style, minimalism, capsule wardrobe, and/or how does it work with you, what should I know about this.

I will let you guys know how does it work with me after I try this for a month 😀

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

See ya

Kaycee ❤





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