Home-made brown sugar scrub.

TGIF, thanks god it’s Friday! Yay! wanna soften and energize your face skin? if your answer is yes, this may help you :3 (Since I am not allergic to anything, this home-made brown sugar scrub works really well with me – no allergy) Here are what you need 😀

  1.  1-2 tbs of brown Sugar
  2. lemon juice (you won’t need much)
  3. a little bit sea salt
  4. a half tbs of warm water.

well, it is super easy, Just combine all the ingredients together and kind of stir it till it is combined. Apply the scrub on your face and gently scrub your face. Rinse it with warm water and then cold water. 

Hope it helps 😀 let me know if you like it.

 brown sugar scrub


5 thoughts on “Home-made brown sugar scrub.

    • hi there 🙂 According to the research i read, brown sugar has fruit acid which helps brighten your face, gets rid of the dead cells, clean the pores.The first time I used this scrub, my face was softer and smoother and it still work very well with me. I really love it. Cheap and fabulous 😀 how about your sea salt scrub? how does it work with you?

  1. The sea salt has uber cleansing power so it makes my face so smooth and soft! I add green clay once a week for a mask. Works wonders!

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